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Rafanelli Events is truly a one-of-a-kind place to work. The company values allow for a very collaborative, exciting, and fulfilling career. I have been a part of the family of for 7 years, starting as a Production Coordinator and now working as an Event Producer in the Production department. I can safely say that there is room for growth, and it allows you to truly invest in the company and your future here.

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Hara Aoki-Saffer

Event Producer

Working for Rafanelli Events is the best way to understand the events industry in all its ebbs and flows. I have never worked at a company where I have been surrounded by such hard-working, detail-oriented, and inspirational peers. This type of environment pushes you to improve your skill sets every day, and furthermore, the memories made in the process are indelible and one-of-a-kind. Lastly, Rafanelli Events offers a holistic opportunity to hone your skills in a well-rounded manner, as they provide a large array of event types, introducing you to the success of not only weddings and private events, but non-profits and corporate as well.

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Catherine Cao

Production Manager

Working for Rafanelli Events has been such a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. At Rafanelli Events, people come to work and are excited to be a part of a creative and welcoming team. One key feature about Rafanelli Events is that the leadership deeply cares about clients and about employees. We have programs within the company to help employees realize and accomplish their career goals. You never feel like you are on an island alone at Rafanelli but surrounded by a professional and caring team that wants to work together to create success.

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Bridget Beisswenger

Event Producer

Working with Rafanelli Events over the past two ½ years has helped me become a stronger event professional and has expanded my knowledge of the event industry like no other. Every day I can collaborate with other professionals, challenge my abilities with exciting projects and appreciate the expertise of others. I have also been lucky enough to collaborate with interns and developing the project to introduce college students into the event world, and that has been incredibly rewarding!

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Samantha Ridgeway

Production Manager

Six years of working at Rafanelli Events and every day and project has brought on new challenges, opportunities to gain experience, and inspired moments. The level of creativity that we have the privilege of exercising knows no bounds which is what makes this company so unique. From freezing a confetti blast to hanging the sun, if we can dream it, we can build it together.”

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Taryn Antoniou


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