From weddings and private parties to corporate events and non-profit fundraisers, Rafanelli Events brings distinctive inspiration to everything we do.


It’s not a Rafanelli wedding.
It’s your wedding. Your dream.

Our passion is to help make it yours in a way that you (and your family and guests) will remember for a lifetime: a celebration of love, a tapestry of unforgettable moments.

We’ve been building our reputation for years, perfecting the art of incomparable weddings. Working with only the best partners, we’re collaborative, creative, and cool in those moments that require experience. We know the months and weeks before the wedding – for you – should be as special as the day itself.

And that day? Well, at some time during the wedding, time will stop. Wonder will light up the faces of everyone. All at once, there’s no line between dreaming and a dream. Between storybook and story. Between magic and magical.

The day is everything you ever dreamed of. And more.


Your nonprofit event is much more than an event.

A mission to touch every single person in the room. To help them deeply feel your passion – not just for that night, but long after. A mission to make everyone feel one cause, one sense of purpose, and one sense of resolve to make a difference where help is needed.

Our mission is to bring that to life, transparently and magically. Crafting and executing perfect storytelling and experiences. Blending humanity with a strategic level of thought and insight.

We understand that the very best nonprofit events are celebrations that marry smart with heart. Emotion will carry your night; results will carry your cause.


Some of our very favorite events to produce are private events.

We’re humbled to be able to contribute to an evening that might be one of the most special nights of someone’s life. To help make the memory of a lifetime is a labor of love.

In fact though, it’s sometimes not just an evening. We’ve curated and produced entire days and even weekends for groups of family and friends – with events, excursions, dinners, and unexpected experiences that surprise, delight, and resonate with warmth.

We’ve heard more than once from people who were the honorees, “This was the best time of my life.” And they meant it literally.

It would be our great joy to do the same for you.


Behind the theater and magic of your corporate event, we’re all business.

No matter what your corporate occasion, we know that every single detail reflects your brand. And every single detail must be perfect. (And perfectly worry-free for you.)

Then, working together with you, we look far beyond that. How can your company be elevated? Energized? How can your brand add a surprising, engaging chapter to an already world-class story?

The answers to those questions are what take your event to a level beyond corporate, to engagement on a personal level that each guest can intimately feel. Because at the end of the day – or night – a corporate event is really a celebration of the people who are the company, and work with the company.

We never forget that. And neither will any of your guests.

& Branding

A brand is simply a personality. But not always simple to showcase.

While some events come to us robustly imagined, and some partly there, others come to us with a clean sheet of paper and these words: “I want a signature event, but I don’t know what it is.”

That’s music to our ears. And fuel for our creativity, problem solving and strategic insight – which we can unleash for you way upstream in your planning.

We can conduct marketplace research to assess what other organizations are doing competitively. Help you recalibrate fundraising goals. Find your ideal mix of event type and frequency.

We can strengthen your brand, expand your brand, or help re-launch it onto an exciting new trajectory.

There’s magic in collaboration. We welcome the opportunity to bring that to life for you, and bring your event to life in a way you never imagined.