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New York Times: Frequent Flier

A Wedding Planner Has Many Big Days, and Flights

By: Bryan Rafanelli

I’m a big shuttle guy, usually traveling from Boston to New York City, Washington, Palm Beach or Miami. So I don’t have those long flights where I can really unwind after producing an event. Plus, in the busy season, I usually have to get to Cape Cod about three times a week from Boston. That’s a puddle jumper flight, so there’s not much time to do anything.

I recently asked my 17-year-old godson what he thought he might want to do when he grew up. He replied that he definitely wanted to do something that involved lots of travel, implying that he thought all the travel I do is pretty cool. It is, but it’s also work.

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The New York Times: Wedding Planner for a High-Profile Affair

The shroud of secrecy surrounding Chelsea Clinton’s wedding here was due in part to the wedding planner, not the Clintons.

Bryan Rafanelli, a Boston-based event planner who managed the Clinton weekend wedding extravaganza, said in an interview on Sunday that he required confidentiality agreements with his vendors.

“This is how I run my business, protecting the privacy of my clients,” Mr. Rafanelli said, chatting at the Beekman Arms, the stately inn that was a focal point of the weekend before the Saturday night ceremony at the Astor Courts estate on the Hudson River.

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