The New York Times Weddings/Celebrations: Breaking the Monkey-Suit Mold

The New Times interviews Bryan on Fashion Etiquette for grooms…  SIPHERDEVAN.  “Breaking the Monkey-Suit Mold,” The New York Times, August 22, 2014 (Link)

“Grooms are focusing more on fashion than I’ve ever seen before,” said Bryan Rafanelli, the Boston-based event planner who coordinated Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. “There’s so much focus on what the bride is going to wear. The grooms feel like, ‘This is great, but what about me?’ ”

Some grooms today don’t want to look the same as every other marrying man, and if they’re having a black-tie wedding, they don’t want to look like every other male guest. But it’s easier said than done. “If you start to veer away from a black tuxedo, there aren’t that many alternatives,” Mr. Rafanelli said. Read More…

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