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THE HILL: Political Nuptuals

Wedding Planners Reveal Secrets to Planning Political Nuptuals

To hear Bryan Rafanelli talk about his job, you might think he’s a member of the CIA.

A task two years ago was so secretive, he told virtually no one — not even his father.

Yet Rafanelli’s dad could’ve found out what his middle-aged son was up to by opening up virtually any glossy mag on Aug. 1, 2010, the day after Chelsea Clinton’s nuptials.

The only daughter of the former president was just one of Rafanelli’s clients. The Boston-based owner of Rafanelli Events is a wedding planner to a slew of celebs, politicians and socialites.

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The Hill Newspaper

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Biz Bash DC: State Department Dinner

Boston-based Rafanelli Events exercised restraint when it came to the decor at a Thursday night celebratory dinner, hosted by secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Benjamin Franklin State Dining Room at the U.S. State Department. Standing in the center of the heavily detailed and richly draped Franklin, the building’s largest of 42 Diplomatic Reception Rooms, Bryan Rafanelli gazed from side to side at the venue’s series of massive Corinthian columns and gilded decorative plasterwork. “The room is so extraordinary, so you don’t want to compete with it,” said Rafanelli, who also planned Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in July 2010.

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The New York Times: Wedding Planner for a High-Profile Affair

The shroud of secrecy surrounding Chelsea Clinton’s wedding here was due in part to the wedding planner, not the Clintons.

Bryan Rafanelli, a Boston-based event planner who managed the Clinton weekend wedding extravaganza, said in an interview on Sunday that he required confidentiality agreements with his vendors.

“This is how I run my business, protecting the privacy of my clients,” Mr. Rafanelli said, chatting at the Beekman Arms, the stately inn that was a focal point of the weekend before the Saturday night ceremony at the Astor Courts estate on the Hudson River.

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Bryan Rafanelli, owner of Rafanelli Events and event-planner extraordinaire, has a long list of clients that includes nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and Boston Public Library; deep-pocketed corporations like Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton; and wealthy individuals like Red Sox owner John Henry.

Rafanelli’s most recent clients? The Clintons.

The Boston-based event planner was chosen by Bill and Hillary Clinton to oversee the super-secret nuptials of their only daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who married her investment banker beau Marc Mezvinsky on July 31.

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There’s busy, and then there’s Bryan Rafanelli.

The Boston-based event planner chosen by Bill and Hillary Clinton to oversee the super-secret nuptials of their only child, Chelsea, isn’t returning calls. Even if the former president and his wife, the secretary of state, hadn’t imposed a news blackout, Rafanelli has been unavailable for weeks, engrossed in the details of a wedding that’s drawing interest around the world.

The former first daughter is expected to marry her investment banker beau, Marc Mezvinsky, in upstate New York on Saturday. The wedding, rumored to cost as much as $2 million, has cast a bright light on the 48-year-old Rafanelli, whose reputation for orchestrating sumptuous parties has won him high-profile admirers from Boston to Washington to Palm Beach.

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