BoldFacers: Billy. One Name. One Man. One Helluva Party.

Sometimes fate reveals itself early in life.

Take Billy Evers. Seven years old, living in Queens. His mom and aunt throw him this crazy-ass birthday party – zoo theme, giant stuffed animals all over the dining room table, kids’ names stenciled on a runner made out of construction paper and hand-illustrated with jungle patterns.

Right there, right then, if Billy had had a crystal ball he would have seen his own future.

But nobody gave Billy a crystal ball for his birthday. So he began a winding road starting with learning about music through his father (who hung with Louis Armstrong, Dinah Washington and Miles Davis at the local clubs, pre-fame), studying communications at Fordham University then switching to design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He went on to work in women’s couture for years and years, from creating runway looks to visual merchandising. He opened a high-end clothing boutique, Betsy’s on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. All was flowing deliciously.

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